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6 questions all commuter students want answered

Oct 12, 2018

Are you considering commuting to campus? You're definitely not alone. Here are a few questions we tend to hear. If we missed your question, feel free to send it to

1. How do I stay updated with what's happening on campus?

Make sure to read the weekly emails that provide information about upcoming activities and events both on and off campus. In case you miss the email, there are also bulletin boards posted around campus advertising upcoming events. Most of the events are free and often have free food! Some of my favorite events are the commuter lunches and breakfasts because it allows you to meet other commuters.



2. What’s the best way to make friends?

The best way to make friends is to participate in a Cardinal Camp the week before you’re officially on campus for Welcome Week. Cardinal Camps are early orientation experiences designed to connect you with new friends before school even starts. The camps take place in  Chicago, Utah, Wisconsin and on campus. There’s something for everyone!

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3. What’s the parking situation like?

Follow these three pieces of advice when it comes to parking on campus:

1. Arrive early—10-15 minutes should be enough time.

2. Don't be picky—if you find a decent spot, take it. Don't drive past it and spend the next 30 minutes unable to find another spot.

3. Learn how to parallel park—the parking lots get full fast, so it’s important to be comfortable with street parking.



4. Will I find a place I belong?

The best way to feel a sense of belonging is by becoming involved. It’s important to make the effort to make those friendships though, rather than just coming to class, sitting through it and going home immediately. The friends and connections you make are definitely worth sticking around campus for!

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5. What do I do between classes?

There is always something fun to do to stay busy. Between classes you can go out to lunch with friends, work on homework and attend club meetings and campus activities.



6. I have a job, will I be able to balance school and work?

The best thing to do is to schedule all your classes together in one block. This allows you to schedule more consistent hours at your job. In order to balance both work and school, time management is important. If you have big assignments, make sure to do a little each day and work ahead when you can. This will allow you to relax after a long day of work and school.



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