What is the 8-Week Intensive Summer Program?

The 8-week Intensive Summer Program provides high quality English as a second language (ESL) coursework for students working toward academic or professional goals.

Why Choose the 8-Week Intensive Summer Program?

  • Small, challenging classes with students from around the world
  • Personalized coursework to help students meet goals quickly
  • Safe, accessible location - Naperville is one of Money Magazine's "Best Places to Life"
  • Trips and activities to Chicago and other local places of interest
  • Professional instructors with advanced degrees in teaching English
  • Full access to North Central facilities, including the library, fitness center, and language resource center
  • Optional institutional TOEFL testing at the beginning and end of the summer 


When is the 8-Week Intensive Summer Program?

8-Week Intensive Summer Program 2018 Dates
Airport Pickup and Arrival Day June 27 ELI staff can pick-up students at O'Hare International Airport on this day
Orientation Day June 28 All students are required to attend the orientation
Class Dates June 29 - August 23 Sample Class Schedule Below
Departure Day August 24 ELI staff can drop-off students at O'Hare International Airport on this day


Cost and Visa Information

Summer 2018 Costs (8-week term)
Tuition and Fees $3,600.00
Room & Board $2,360.00
Personal Expenses $200.00
Medical Insurance $219.00
Total (for 8-week term) $6,379.00


Visa Information

8-Week Intensive Summer Program requires a student (F-1) Visa.

Holders of other visa statuses may be eligible to participate in the program.


Do you have any question about the 8-Week Summer Intensive Program?

Contact the English Language Institute staff for more information:

Email: esl@noctrl.edu

Phone: 1-630-637-5271