English Department

Students in the English Department at North Central learn to interpret the world through inclusive reading and intentional writing. You will pursue your interests and passions through courses that challenge you to learn both traditional and contemporary approaches to our changing field. Our curriculum fosters skills such as close reading, critical thinking, and effective communication – all of which are valued by today’s employers. Our dedicated professors are ready to guide your research interests, discuss your favorite texts, and serve as mentors in our small classes. Our department supports first-generation and transfer students and has many opportunities for alumni networking and career readiness.

Your experience in the English department is not only about life inside the classroom but also about the community built outside of class, with extra-curriculars including The Kindling, our twenty-five-year-old humor magazine, 30 North, our national arts magazine, and Sigma Tau Delta, the English Honors society. Students develop their writing skills in The Writing Center, their reading skills by discussing texts with published authors in our Writer’s Series, or teaching skills with field experiences in the Naperville area.

“People ask me, ‘why should students today study English?’ To them, I say ‘why not?’ English encourages students to play with language, explore their imagination, and challenge their audience. English majors spend hundreds of pages with Jane Austen & James Baldwin. In doing so, they cultivate empathy, curiosity, and clarity which is why the English department is the core of any strong liberal arts college” Dr. Jennifer Smith, Chair, Department of English

North Central’s Cardinal Directions curriculum is all about finding your purpose; this is also at the very heart of the English major. Whether it’s Environmental Literature fulfilling your “Sustaining Our World” iCon (interdisciplinary connection) or Black Narrative fitting into your “Challenging Inequity” iCon, you will find your place and write your own story in the English Department at North Central.

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