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About College Scholars

Program Requirements Overview

The College Scholars Honors Program curriculum is a minimum of 18 credit hours out of 128 credit hours needed to graduate. Students admitted to the program who complete all of the following curricular requirements and who maintain both a cumulative honors GPA of 3.0 or better and a cumulative overall GPA of 3.0 or better will graduate as College Scholars. Any grade lower than a C- in an honors course does not satisfy an honors requirement.

Students entering North Central 2019 and beyond:
Requirement Course
HONR 100 Honors Conversations: Developing a Scholarly Identity (2 credits)
HONR 290 Honors Seminar (2 courses required for 8 hours total)
HONR 300 Thesis Practicum (2 credits)
HONR 400 Thesis (4 credits)
HONR 450 Excellence Through Community: Honors Culminating Experience (2 credits)
Study abroad or Chicago or D.C. term or Add'l honors seminar (0-4 credits)
Students entering North Central 2015-18:
Requirement Course
Research Thread
FYE 100 First Year Experience (1 credit)
HON 200 What is Truth? (1 credit)
HON 300 Thesis Design Workshop (1 credit)
HON 400 Thesis (3 credits)
Interdisciplinary Thread
HOI 100 Authority and Freedom (3 credits)
HOI 210 or 220 or 230 Cultures in Contact or Power and Statecraft or Revolutions (3 credits)
SCI 210-H or ECN 210-H Landmark Discoveries or History of Econ. Thought (3 credits)
IDS 3xx or 4xx Honors Seminar (3 credits)
Study Abroad Thread
Study abroad or Chicago or D.C. term or Add'l honors seminar (3 credits)

Honors Thesis Overview

The honors thesis is an original scholarly project on a topic of the student’s choosing. Working closely with a thesis director, honors thesis work typically begins by the end of the third year, and students complete and present their projects during the fourth year. 

Some recent honors theses include:

  • An interview-based study of religion and relationship practices among college students in Colombia 
  • An in-depth exploration of how to encourage girls to pursue computer science through web-based games 
  • An interdisciplinary analysis of the economic consequences of power- generation methods 
  • An examination of how sport specialization impacts longevity in athletics 
  • An application of mathematical theory to predict Tony Award-winners 
  • A study of the inclusion of women writers in the high school classroom

Study Away

In addition to the honors seminars and independent research courses, the honors curriculum includes an experiential learning component that encourages students to interact with diverse perspectives and voices and integrate their learning in the classroom with domestic or international immersion experiences. All College Scholars are required to fulfill this requirement in any one of the following ways:

  • Studying abroad for a semester or more
  • Studying abroad through a short term course
  • Conducting research abroad through a Richter Grant
  • Studying for a term at another college or university in the United States
  • Completing the Chicago Term program
  • Completing an additional Honors Seminar

College Scholars Academic Recognition

  • Each graduating College Scholar who completes the entire honors curriculum will be recognized at the spring term Honors Convocation, awarded a gold honors cord to wear at Commencement and recognized in the Commencement program and by the president as a College Scholar. 
  • The designation “College Scholar” will appear on all official transcripts distributed by the Registrar’s Office and may be included on a student’s résumé.

Meet Our Staff

Dr. Kristin Geraty

Director of College Honors Program

Kristin Geraty is an associate professor of sociology, associate dean for engaged learning, and director of the College Honors Program. She has scholarly interests in culture and collective behavior, and her ongoing research focuses on community organizing efforts within religious congregations. In the sociology department, Dr. Geraty teaches courses on the sociology of religion, community studies, qualitative and quantitative methods, and professional development. She is interested in academy-community partnerships and in the potential for community-based research to create social change.

Dr. Geraty enjoys attending North Central athletic events and fine arts performances with her husband and three boys. She received her B.A. from the University of Notre Dame and her Ph.D. from Indiana University.

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Kristin Geraty

Kristin Guido

Assistant Director of Admission, College Scholars Application Coordinator

Kristin, a College Scholar alumna herself, can help answer questions you have regarding your College Scholars application, scheduling a College Scholars visit, and/or the College Scholars experience!

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Kristin Guido

Emily Barham

Transfer Admission Counselor, College Scholars Application Coordinator

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Emily Barham

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