The Old Main building at North Central College.

Semester Transition

Coming in 2019: A re-imagined educational experience

To deepen and strengthen its academic experience, North Central College will be transitioning to an exciting and enriching 16-week semester calendar.

North Central College believes that every student deserves the very best learning experiences, both inside and outside the classroom.

Our new academic calendar will offer students even more opportunities for close collaboration with faculty on research, community engaged learning experiences, internships, study abroad experiences and collaborative learning assignments. These high-impact practices are designed to foster student learning and success as distinctive characteristics of a North Central College education.

In August 2019, North Central College will adopt a four-credit hour semester calendar that culminates with graduation in early May. A three-week May term will follow, designed for in-depth, engaging learning opportunities that include international exploration.

How will a semester system benefit students?

  • More in-depth research and writing projects, community learning opportunities and collaborative assignments to prepare students for careers and graduate school 
  • Opportunities for year ‘round study abroad options and short-term travel experiences during a three-week May term 
  • More time to obtain additional help in a course to ensure successful completion
  • Ease of transfer from two-year and other institutions, many of which are on a semester calendar
  • Conducive to partnerships with peer institutions, international programs and other study away opportunities  
  • A more familiar academic calendar for employers, internship sites and graduate programs that are accustomed to May completion of spring semesters and graduation
  • More flexibility for graduate and non-traditional students who can complete eight-week modules within the semester

North Central's re-imagined educational experience combines the advantages of modern classrooms and labs with distinctive academic and co-curricular programs—providing a differentiating value to students during their college years and throughout their lifetimes.