English Major Senior Portfolio

One credit hour is required of all English majors to graduate

The senior portfolio is compiled from your best work in your specific track, either Writing, Journalism, or Literature. It is the final requirement for the major that enables majors to assemble, revise, and reflect on a compilation of your work. The departmental portfolio may be a first step toward a professional portfolio to present in job interviews or as a first step toward the personal statements and writing samples requiring reflection on your professional goals that are required for graduate school applications.

When you begin your courses for the English major, the senior portfolio seems in the distant future. However, it is crucial that you begin preparing for this final stage by saving three things from all of your English courses:

1) Assignments

2) Clean copies of your paper in your computer files

3) Graded copies of your papers with the instructor’s comments

Having all three of these things on hand will provide you with the maximum number of choices to meet the portfolio requirements. Not all course assignments will meet the portfolio requirements. We also strongly encourage you to review the summary descriptions of the ENG 480 syllabi for the different tracks that are provided below, so that you will be familiar with the portfolio requirements.

Majors are strongly recommend to enroll in ENG 480 in fall or winter quarter if you are planning a spring graduation. Portfolios are assessed as Pass/Fail by English department faculty according to the requirements set forth in a departmental syllabus for each track.