LEV Program students

The Leadership, Ethics, and Values Program

The Leadership, Ethics, and Values (LEV) Program at North Central is committed to developing students into changemakers - "curious, engaged, ethical, and purposeful citizens and leaders" - by offering unique and distinctive academic programs.   

The LEV program serves as a hub of opportunities to explore, experience, and influence the issues and causes that you care about most. Working within a new structure, the Leadership, Ethics, and Values program will continue to create pathways for changemaking through curriculum, character development, and social impact. You'll find innovative ways to solve complex social challenges, grow as a leader, and position yourself for an impact and leadership driven life and career. 

Want to be a changemaker?

At the Center for Social Impact, you'll find the opportunities, resources and support you need to become the change you wish to see in the world. The Center serves as a hub of opportunities to help you explore, experience and influence the issues and causes that you care about most. North Central College is one of less than 50 colleges and universities globally to receive the designation of a "Changemaker Campus" by Ashoka U, the higher education initiative of Ashoka – the world’s largest community of social entrepreneurs and changemakers.  

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The LEV Program

Academic Programs

The Leadership, Ethics, and Values (LEV) Program at North Central is committed to developing students into "curious, engaged, ethical, and purposeful citizens and leaders" by offering unique and distinctive academic courses. We offer two majors: Ethical Leadership, B.A. and Social Entrepreneurship, B.A., three minors: Conflict Resolution, Ethical Leadership, and Social Innovation, and one concentration, in Leadership.

The LEV curriculum at North Central was recognized by Ashoka U as one of only 6 institutions around the world as a semi-finalist for the #MillionsofChangemakers award, given to innovative initiatives that serve as a model for higher education. 

LEV Program Students

Center for Social Impact

As part of its strategic plan to educate students for “action and leadership in a complex world,” North Central College launched the Center for Social Impact in 2018 to develop the next generation of changemakers.

The Center for Social Impact accomplishes its work through 5 key pathways: Service, Civic Engagement, Advocacy, Social Entrepreneurship, and Scholarship. These pathways inform the types of events we host, the initiatives we foster, and the student organizations we support. The Center exists as a place for any student interested in making an impact to come and be supported and empowered.

LEV Program Students

Character Development

The Leadership, Ethics, and Values program is committed to fostering students of character, wisdom, and intellect through leadership development, academic programs, and experiential learning opportunities.

For students who are interested in developing their strengths, cultivating deep bonds of friendship, and creating positive change in society, we encourage you to apply to the LEV fellowship program or the majors/minors/concentrations that provide you with a holistic experience to challenge yourself and expand your potential.


Pathways to Social Impact

Explore all the ways you can make a difference through one or more of our five Pathways to Social Impact. Each pathway provides unique learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom, immersion experiences, student organization activities, leadership opportunities and even funding sources.

Student Organizations

Design for America (DFA)

A student coalition for activism, advocacy, and problem-solving.

Blue Key Honor Society

Junior and senior leaders from across campus and exemplify the motto, "Serving, I live."


Local, national and international student-led alternative break trips.

Meet Our Team

Thomas Cavenagh, JD

Schneller Sisters Professor of Leadership, Ethics, and Values; Director of Leadership, Ethics and Values; Co-Director of the Center for Social Impact; and Professor of Business Law and Conflict Resolution
Management & Marketing
+1 630 637 5157
Kamelotte Gregory

Associate Director, LEV and CSI Programs
Academic Affairs
+1 630 637 5886
Julie Nagashima

Visiting Assistant Professor of Ethical Leadership; Coordinator of Character Education Certificate Program
Leadership, Ethics & Values