Physics Faculty Research

Paul Bloom

Prof. Bloom's research area is experimental particle physics, since arriving at NCC he has expanded his interests to include astrophysics, cosmology, astronomy and most recently climate science.  In addition to teaching across the physics curriculum, he also teach astronomy and has recently developed a course on climate change.  He mentors students in summer research doing a variety of projects in particle physics data reduction and in constructing a radio telescope.

Susan Kempinger

Susan Kempinger is an experimental condensed matter physicist with research interests in nanoscale magnetic materials.  She works with various systems, including artificial spin ice and magnetic thin films. Her research group studies these systems using magneto-optical microscopy to directly image the magnetic states.

David Horner

David Horner is a physical chemist with interests in computational materials science and computational quantum chemistry.  For over 20 years he has carried out research in the multi-disciplinary Molecular Materials group at Argonne National Laboratory, including computational modeling of the growth of diamond films and interactions of carbon nanotubes with diamond surfaces.  He also has research experience in magnetic resonance spectroscopy and experimental chemical kinetics.