TRAIL Outfitters: Guides/Program Staff

TRAIL Outfitters is fueled by experienced staff and faculty who share a love for the great outdoors and a desire to develop students as leaders.  Our TRAIL Guides come from different campus departments and create unique and transformational experiences for students based on their interests and expertise.  These guides have successfully embarked on personal or college-sponsored trips all across the world, from local camping spots like Blackwell Forest Preserve, to national parks like the Grand Canyon, Arches and Joshua Tree, to international destinations like Mt. Kilimanjaro.  

Lead TRAIL Guides

TRAIL Guides

These nature-loving staff, faculty and graduate assistants have been known to lead students on meaningful and educational outdoor adventures.  Look for future trips led by these and/or other campus leaders!


  • Brian Rainville, Director of Faith & Action
  • Eric Dootlitte, Chaplain of the College
  • Rachel Pridgen, Director of Student Involvement and Transition Programs
  • Kady Halbmaier, Graduate Assistant of Leadership, Ethics, and Values
  • Dr. Jonathan Visick, Professor of Biology; Chair of Biology
  • Dr. Gregory Ruthig, Associate Professor of Biology