Athletic Bands

The Cardinal Athletic Bands

The Cardinal Athletic Band Program at North Central College is a comprehensive, high-quality organization that comprises a marching band that averages 85-90 members annually, two basketball bands, and both fall and winter color guards. As one of only a few NCAA Division III schools to offer a full line of athletic bands, our program is as multi-faceted and high quality as the college we support. 

When you participate in the Cardinal Athletic Band program, you will:

  • Make nearly 100 new friends before fall term begins
  • Support North Central College in a meaningful way
  • Receive a considerable talent-based scholarship, regardless of your major
  • Play your instrument in a fun, spirited environment
  • Earn a course credit in a subject you love

Because of our commitment to the liberal arts philosophy and our student-friendly rehearsal schedule, you CAN participate in a collegiate athletic band program and still have plenty of time to focus on your coursework. 

The Cardinal Marching Band

As one of the few small, liberal arts schools in the nation with a substantial, high-quality marching band program, North Central College's Cardinal Marching Band truly is The Pride of North Central. We enjoy a reputation for musical and visual excellence, tremendous school spirit, and unquestioned class and sportsmanship. Click below to learn more.  

The Cardinal Basketball Bands

The Cardinal Basketball Bands perform at each home Men's and Women's basketball game. We are known for our musical excellence, but also our undying spirit and our incredible contribution to the game atmosphere. Click below to learn more. 

The Cardinal Color Guard

The Cardinal Color Guard is an essential part of the game day experience. In the fall, the guard performs as a section of the marching band. In the winter, it operates as an independent unit (a.k.a. "winter guard). The NCC Color Guard program comprises baton twirlers, flags, and weapons (sabers and rifles). Click below to learn more.