Preceptor Information

LEV 250: Preceptor Course

Engage in a Uniquely North Central College Experience!

EXPLORE!  If you are planning on pursuing graduate school or thinking of pursuing graduate school becoming a preceptor is an opportunity that will undoubtedly make your application stand out above the rest.  Even more than that, it will allow you to build a set of skills that will benefit you in any setting.

STAND OUT!  Many doctoral programs don’t include coursework on the experience of teaching in the profession.  By serving as a preceptor you not only gain firsthand experience in the classroom, but you also are exposed to coursework that makes you think more deeply about your role in the classroom setting; a place where you will lead, engage, teach and most importantly learn.  Taking this course allows you to stand out among your peers.

LEARN!  We learn best by teaching others.  Precepting provides you with an opportunity to work with an outstanding faculty member, to work one-on-one with students on topics that you care about and to learn about yourself as a leader in the classroom.

What are the requirements?

  •  Students must be juniors or seniors, although outstanding sophomores may be considered.
  •  Students must be excited to learn, to teach and to support the success of their peers.
  •  Students must register for LEV 250 for 1 or 2 credits (depending on term schedule).
  •  Students must be willing to engage in a thoughtful and critical discussion about their role in the classroom and their expectations as well as the expectations of the faculty member teaching the course.

What do preceptors do?

  •  Assist in course labs
  • Assist with writing intensive course paper reviews
  •  Hold tutoring/discussion sessions for students
  •  Assist faculty with course research
  • Complete readings and assignments and participate in discussion for LEV 250

What don’t preceptors do?

  •  Make copies or do other clerical work
  • Grade assignments
  •  Teach in place of the faculty member

What are the benefits to being a preceptor?

  •  Preparation for graduate school.  Precepting helps you develop skills that you can promote on your graduate school application or applications for prestigious scholarships like the Fulbright and Goldwater awards.
  •  Develop genuine leadership skills working with peers in ways that require you to lead, to mentor, to encourage and to support.
  • Develop your interpersonal skills and work more closely with an outstanding North Central College faculty member.
  •  Meet your LEV minor or concentration requirements as the preceptor course counts toward completion of the portfolio requirements.

How am I chosen to be a preceptor?

You may be approached by a faculty member based on your classroom work.  You are also encouraged to ask a faculty member who teaches a course that you have done well in and that you are excited about.   If you are considering asking a faculty member, please meet with the LEV Minors and Concentrations advisor, Dr. Abigaile VanHorn (Abe House Room 200), first in order to prepare for the discussion.

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