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Dispute Resolution Program

Nearly everything you do in life involves people-related issues, disagreements, and potential conflict. Knowing how to effectively manage these difficult conversations and interactions will benefit you and those around you, no matter where you are.

North Central College’s dispute resolution program introduces students to the dispute resolution process and will teach you the theories and skills for resolving conflict in the workplace and community. This alternative dispute resolution allows others to avoid excessive lawyer and legal fees associated with filing a formal complaint and pursuing litigation or arbitration in court. You’ll develop those dispute settlement skills through lectures and discussions, negotiation exercises and simulated mediation session activities. You’ll practice as a mediator first in the College setting, then in the real world in community groups, courts, and businesses, working through the dispute resolution process with your client to reach a mutual agreement and acquire more hands-on experience.

North Central College's dispute resolution service program allows students to gain practical experience with the following:

  • Theories and skills to tackle difficult conversations
  • Negotiation tactics 
  • Mediation sessions between disputing parties

Developing your dispute settlement or conflict resolution skills is open to students of every major or program, but is particularly well suited to those interested in pre-law, business and psychology. You will begin by enrolling in Conflict Resolution LEV 230; then you can pursue additional mediation areas of focus and clinical coursework.

You can also:

  • Serve as a peer mediator on campus, working case by case with student clubs and residence halls.
  • Write and research for the student-run newsletter “In the Alternative” for the Illinois State Bar Association.
  • Pursue internship opportunities both on and off campus.
  • Work with the campus Dispute Resolution Center, conducting training and mediating disputes for local courts, area businesses, faculty members within schools, churches and more.

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