Smoke Compliance Tips

Compliance Tips

Creating a Smoke- and Tobacco-Free environment is the responsibility of everyone in the North Central College community.  The most effective way to ensure compliance is awareness and education.  All members of the College community are encouraged to share the responsibility for bringing this policy to the attention of students, staff, faculty and visitors. 

How Can I Help?

If you see someone on campus violating the tobacco-free policy, please politely inform/remind the person that smoking and/or tobacco use is not prohibited.  You might say something like, "Hi, I'm (Chippy).  If you weren't aware, North Central recently became a completely smoke- and tobacco-free campus.  If you wouldn't mind moving to an off-campus location, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much!"  If the person ignores your request or refuses to comply, you may inform an campus official.

Reporting a Concern

As stated in the policy, “Refusal to comply may be cause for disciplinary action in accordance with employee and student conduct policies. Refusal to comply with the policy by visitors, guests and contractors may be grounds for removal from campus.” To report a concern about compliance, you can:

  • Notify the nearest college representative in any campus building or event
  • Report to the Dean of Students Office (for students):  630-637-5151 or
  • Report to the Office of Human Resources (for faculty/staff):  630-637-5757 or
  • Report to Campus Safety (for campus visitors): 630-637-5911
  • Send a note to

Educational Opportunities

To request a group presentation or written information about the Smoking and Tobacco Policy, contact