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Whether you want to keep tabs on the top 10 must-have meals on campus or learn how to become a campus changemaker, this collection of stories lets you know what it means to “Be central” at North Central College.

marching band

Drumroll please

Weeks before the start of fall classes, the North Central College marching band practices in the summer heat, getting ready to bring the sweet sound of Cardinal pride to Benedetti-Weh


eSports takes gaming to the next level

You may not think of video gaming as a social activity; you might think it involves spending hours of time alone, ignoring the rest of the world. But that's not the case for North Central students.

human performance lab

Anatomy of a human performance lab

Perseverance is as much psychological and emotional, as it is physical. Exercise science is exactly that—the study of how the human body works, what its limits are and how to push it to a new level.


My NC Story | Community

“When I came to North Central, one of the first concerns I expressed to my parents was ‘what if I don’t find friends?’ My group of friends back home are people I have known since elementary school.