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Education Alliance Partnership

20% Off Tuition: Education Alliance Partnership

North Central College is proud to announce a partnership with local businesses and school districts to offer the Education Alliance Grant. Eligible employees with an earned bachelor's degree will receive a 20% tuition discount.


Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce

We want to give back to our Naperville community that has been our home for many years. So we've partnered together with Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce (NACC) to provide you a more accessible and affordable pathway to earn your master's degree. NACC members and employees from affiliated companies will receive 20% off tuition through select graduate programs.

Naperville Chamber of Commerce

Applying for Education Alliance Grant

Step 1: Complete Your Graduate School Application

  • Create your graduate school profile and submit your application materials by the appropriate deadline.
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Step 2: Verification Form

  • Upon admittance to one of North Central's graduate programs, you must complete the Education Alliance Partnership verification form.
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Our proud district partners




Queen Bee Schools, District 16





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Our proud business partners

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Forming an Education Alliance

Learn how to form an Education Alliance Partnership with North Central College by contacting Wendy Pochocki, Assistant Dean Operations and Admissions, or calling (630) 637-5555.

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