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Why pursue a criminology degree at North Central College?

Criminology is the study of crime and criminal behaviors. Students majoring in Criminology will learn theories of criminal behavior related to understanding why people commit crime, potential prevention methods, and where and against whom crimes are most frequently committed.

Students will develop an accurate sense of the historical developments of discipline—exploring the evolution of the justice system and lessons society has learned over time.

The program is designed to provide a comprehensive analysis of the complexities of the criminal justice system. Students will assess the impact of legislation, examine the disconnect between research and practice, and evaluate the inequities that permeate the justice system.


  • Exploring the biological, psychological and social causes of criminal behavior
  • Examining the impact of our justice system
  • Assessing formal and informal responses to crime

then a degree in Criminology might be for you.

Why study criminology at North Central College?

In the Classroom

Coursework topics:

  • Community & City Life
  • Community Psychology
  • Crime, Law and Society
  • Criminal Justice System
  • Drugs and Behavior
  • Gender: Patterns/Privileges/ Possibilities
  • Intersections of Crime
  • Law and Order in Cross-Cultural Perspective
  • Law, Politics, and Society
  • Policing & Corrections
  • Power-Based Personal Violence
  • Race/Ethnicity: Conflict & Change
  • Social Class: Get Ahead/Fall Behind
  • Rights, Liberties, and Justice
  • Youth Justice, Crime, & Law

Beyond the Classroom

As a criminology major, you can:

  • Conduct undergraduate research and present your findings at the College’s Rall Symposium for Undergraduate Research
  • Network with industry experts and complete competitive internships
  • Join the North Central Criminal Justice Association student organization
  • Take your education abroad in one of our many study abroad programs
  • Enroll in Chicago Term to experience living in the city while taking courses from North Central professors

More Department information

Criminology, B.A.

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Criminology introduces students to theories of criminal behavior, provides an accurate sense of the historical developments of the discipline, and assures that students acquire a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of the criminal justice system while exposing them to current justice, legal and sociological issues. Students will explore both practical and theoretical concerns regarding crime and justice. The program focuses on the scientific research and evaluation processes that generate evidence to support improved practice in the field, to address the underlying structural components of crime and criminality and to bolster the criminal justice process. Students can enhance their studies with an additional major or minor; a study abroad or Chicago term; and/or an internship. Graduates can pursue professional opportunities and careers in social services, law and courts, corrections, juvenile justice, policing, intelligence and the private sector; and will also be competitive for graduate study.

A minimum of 38 credit hours to include:

Core Courses

Elective Courses

A minimum of 12 credit hours from the following with at least eight credit hours at the 300-level or higher:


Four credit hours from one of the following:

Students must demonstrate elementary competence in a foreign language. For more information, see the B.A. Degree Requirements within the Academic Regulations section of this catalog.

Graduates work in a number of industries, including:

  • Social Services
  • Courts
  • Policing
  • Institutional Corrections
  • Community Corrections
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Intelligence
  • Private Sector
  • Legislative Offices
  • Law Offices
  • Students are also well-prepared for law school and graduate school

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