TRAIL Outfitters: Trips and Activities

TRAIL Outfitters serves the campus community with a variety of outdoor adventure trips designed to enhance learning and leadership development. Trips can include backpacking, camping, canoeing, paddleboarding, snowshoeing, skiing, rock climbing, and more. Activities are designed for every skill level, from the beginner to the advanced adventurer. 

As part of our commitment to education and safety, instructional and skills workshops are also offered on topics such as environmental responsibility ("leave no trace"), rock climbing, kayaking, and bicycle maintenance. TRAIL Outfitters provides outdoor equipment rentals, and staff who can serve as knowledgeable resources to help you plan your own adventure.

Upcoming Events

How can TRAIL Outfitters work for you?

We have a variety of planned programs related to our TRAIL tenets, but maybe you want to lead your own TRAIL adventure.  We can help with that, too! TRAIL Outfitters is equipped with the gear and personnel to assist with your programming needs. For example:

  • Athletic teams have utilized TRAIL Outfitters for team building activities
  • Academic departments have spent a day on the DuPage River exploring and researching in our canoes
  • Entire retreats have been built with TRAIL's 5 key tenets (Teamwork, Responsibility, Attitude, Integrity, Leadership)

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