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The Educational Leadership program - offered fully online beginning January 2023 -  is focused on the moral purpose of building the capacity of our graduate candidates so that they can go forward and bring Cultures of Character practices into the heart of their school communities. The Program is grounded in program-specific leadership virtues, the development of leader character and the cultivation of practical wisdom.

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Why Cultures of Character?

We believe schools serve a role beyond academics. The school setting should also be a place where core values like honesty, compassion, self-discipline, and respect for others can be instilled and practiced. To be effective, experts say, character development needs to be deliberate and comprehensive so that all students have the opportunity to see, discuss, learn, and practice the values embraced by their communities.    

Education Alliance Partner assistance

Candidates may qualify for an Education Alliance Partnership grant if their school district is a part of North Central's partnership program. 


North Central is proud to partner with the following professional organizations. 

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Master of Education in Educational Leadership

with Eligibility for Principal Endorsement

This program was designed to help you become a more effective leader for PK-12 schools while meeting Illinois principal endorsement requirements. Thanks to the generosity of the Kern Family Foundation, this program also includes an internship fellowship program, targeted scholarships, and an enhanced curriculum that prepares you to foster a culture of character that develops social and emotional skills at your school.

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The master of education in educational leadership program features a curriculum infused with research-based character education instruction. You’ll learn what it takes to promote a culture of character in your school while also mastering strong management and operational skills.

"We grapple with authentic ethical dilemmas faced by educational leaders during each class session. We work through the dilemmas, with the goal of preparing prepare candidates to recognize how to build a collective framework of wisdom with which to analyze and address situations." Maureen Spelman, Ed.D. and Professor of Education

Educational Leadership

Character Initiatives

The program's Character Initiatives were designed in partnership with the Kern Family Foundation to produce the most principled, responsible and best equipped educational leaders possible. 

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Join our online program and become an innovator and a leader in your educational community! Our Master of Education in Educational Leadership degree program will prepare you to guide your school to the next level. Classes are delivered online in both synchronous and asynchronous formats. At North Central, you will learn the skills you need to create professional, welcoming environments to help students, teachers and staff become the best they can be.   

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