Make an impact in local and global communities by understanding identity and diversity. Make an impact in local and global communities by understanding identity and diversity. Make an impact in local and global communities by understanding identity and diversity. Make an impact in local and global communities by understanding identity and diversity. Make an impact in local and global communities by understanding identity and diversity.
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Gender and Sexuality Studies


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Why choose Gender and Sexuality Studies at North Central?

At work or home, at the doctor’s office or in the voting booth, traveling transnationally or tweeting pop culture, the categories of gender and sex affect our daily lives. The gender and sexuality studies program explores questions that today’s leaders and informed citizens encounter. A few examples: What is the difference between sex and gender? How have terms like “women” and “men” historically been defined? How do people challenge gender scripts they feel pressured to perform? What does it mean to be an ally to people facing oppressions related to sex, gender and sexuality in today’s culture? How do sex and gender intersect with race, ethnicity, sexuality, class, age, ability and nationality? Whether you’re majoring in biology or history, theatre or education, political science or religious studies, business or English, we’ll help you build a résumé that tells employers and graduate schools that you’re serious about understanding identity and diversity. Whatever your major, gender and sexuality studies can help you make an impact in local and global communities.

You can also:

  • Participate in discussions on topics like women’s rights activism, gender issues, LGBTQ+ rights, queer theory, reproductive health care, transgender identity, masculinity in performance, and religious perspectives on sex and gender.
  • Attend special presentations by visiting scholars and organizers at the forefront of 21st century developments in Gender and sexuality studies.

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Gender and Sexuality Studies Minor

For additional information and courses in this department, see Gender and Sexuality Studies.

Minor Requirements

A minimum of 20 credit hours, including:

Core Requirements

  • GSST 100 - Introduction to Sex, Gender and Sexuality

    GSST 100 - Introduction to Sex, Gender and Sexuality

    4.00 credit hours

    How do history, policies and cultural norms produce, shape, and govern our understandings of gender and sexuality? In what ways do gender and sexuality intersect with each other as well as other forms of identification, such as race, disability, age, ethnicity, citizenship and class? In this interdisciplinary course, we discuss gender and sexuality as social constructions and investigate the ways in which they are connected to power and inequality. By first exploring key term, theories, and concepts within Gender and Sexuality Studies, we then situate them alongside the history of feminist and LGBTQ activism. We will then consider how these concepts can be applied to a variety of contemporary issues such as: gender and sexual identities and the government (i.e. equal pay, reproductive rights, same-sex marriage), representations of gender and sexuality in popular culture and the media, and relationships.

    Cardinal Directions Designation(s)
    Social Sciences, U.S. Power Structures.

    Schedule Of Classes

  • GSST 370 - Feminism, Gender, Queer Theory

    GSST 370 - Feminism, Gender, Queer Theory

    4.00 credit hours

    A rigorous study of the intellectual and activist traditions of diverse "feminisms" as well as the academic fields of gender and queer theory. This course asks students to consider gender and sexuality as constructed categories with powerful material consequences, exploring how these categories shape individual experience, social dynamics, and historical movements. Our approach will be intersectional; we will ask how various aspects of identity-such as race, class, and nationality-interact with gender and complicate easy definitions of privilege, oppression, and activism. The course also includes a significant comparative element, considering theories of gender and sexuality across cultural and national borders.


    GSST 100.

    Cardinal Directions Designation(s)
    Humanities, U.S. Power Structures.

    Schedule Of Classes


An additional twelve credit hours from Gender and Sexuality Studies, with at least four at the 300-level or above.


PHIL 320 may count as an elective toward the minor. Courses from other programs and departments may also count toward the minor with approval of the GSST Coordinator.

Gender and Sexuality Studies Internships and Jobs

A North Central education integrates career preparation with rich academic study. Our faculty encourages you to refine and apply your knowledge in an interconnected world. Here you'll learn to think independently and work globally to solve problems and lead.


  • Sarah's Inn, Oak Park, IL
  • Domestic Violence Courthouse, Chicago

Graduate Schools

Recent graduates in Gender and Sexuality Studies have been accepted at:

  • Emporia State University, Portland, OR
  • Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL


Recent graduates in Gender and Sexuality Studies have worked at:

  • Planned Parenthood of Illinois, Aurora, IL

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