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TESOL (Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages)

Why should I pursue a TESOL Minor at North Central College? 

Individuals who can teach English to those who speak other languages are in high demand in the U.S and at universities and other academic institutions worldwide. TESOL teachers may concentrate on teaching business English or conversational English to individuals from other countries who are interested in increasing their ability to function in an international community. English is recognized as the global language for business.

Learning TESOL extends beyond teaching the English language and includes serving as an ambassador of the Anglophone culture. Critically examining English-speaking cultures in preparation for serving in a TESOL position provides the added benefit of building critical thinking skills that are transferable to any professional role. This minor is designed to complement any field of study as it provides a recognized commodity in the international job market.

At North Central College you will acquire the pedagogical and cultural tools necessary to live and work in an international community. You will also build your multicultural awareness and demonstrate your interest in promoting communication among peoples of all backgrounds. Whatever you choose to do with what you learn, studying TESOL is sure to provide a wide variety of rewarding employment opportunities as a result of this in demand skill.


  • Teaching English to speakers of other languages in U.S. private settings, online or abroad
  • Immersing in the language and cultures of other countries
  • Applying to the Peace Corps

then a minor in TESOL might be for you.


In the Classroom

Coursework topics:

  • Foundations of Language Study
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Theoretical and Methodological Foundations for Teaching English-Language Learners (ELLs)
  • TESOL Methodologies
  • TESOL Field Experience
  • TESOL Portfolio and Placement Planning

Beyond the Classroom

As a Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) minor, you can:

  • Participate in a focused field experience enhancing your ability to communicate and work in a global environment.
  • Teach English to English-Language Learners in the U.S., abroad or in multinational companies
  • Apply for a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship
  • Join the Peace Corp
  • Participate in the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program
  • Build a TESOL portfolio

Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Minor

This minor is open to all students who are interested in teaching English to speakers of other languages, in U.S. private settings or abroad. No teaching background required.

For additional programs and courses in this department, see Modern and Classical Languages.

A minimum of 20 credit hours, including:

  • LANG 380 - Theoretical and Methodological Foundations for Teaching ELLs

    LANG 380 - Theoretical and Methodological Foundations for Teaching ELLs

    4.00 credit hours

    An overview of the theoretical foundations of ESL and bilingual education. Students are introduced to the historical, philosophical, political, social and educational issues that have contributed to models serving language minority students. A focus on second language acquisition and its impact on learning is provided. Historical trends and legal issues related to second language learning and bilingual education in the United States are discussed. Taught in English.

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  • LANG 384 - TESOL Methodologies

    LANG 384 - TESOL Methodologies

    4.00 credit hours

    A review of language teaching methods and classroom materials for English language learners in settings outside U.S. public schools. Methods of teaching listening, speaking, reading and writing skills are presented and practiced, as well as methods of incorporating Anglophone culture in classroom activities. Includes the development, implementation and evaluation of lesson plans and materials. Taught in English.

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  • LANG 385 - TESOL Field Experience

    LANG 385 - TESOL Field Experience

    2.00 credit hours

    Extended field experience in settings outside U.S. public schools, involving the observation, facilitation and teaching of lessons under the supervision of a cooperating teacher. Assignments include the creation and evaluation of lesson plans. Required: 15 field experience hours. Taught in English.

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  • LANG 470 - TESOL Portfolio and Placement Planning

    LANG 470 - TESOL Portfolio and Placement Planning

    2.00 credit hours

    Creation, revision and compilation of language teaching artifacts related to the Teaching of English of Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Field. Includes preparatory work for placement in TESOL Institutions. Taught in English.

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  • COMM 317 - Intercultural Communication

    COMM 317 - Intercultural Communication

    4.00 credit hours

    A study of the basic components involved in intercultural communication. Topics considered include, but are not limited to: cultural biases, cultural determinants of experiences and backgrounds, social perception, verbal interaction, nonverbal interaction and opinion leadership.

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  • ENGL 270 - Foundations of Language Study

    ENGL 270 - Foundations of Language Study

    4.00 credit hours

    An introduction to linguistic principles through a study of modern English. Students examine approaches to language and linguistics: morphology, syntax, phonetics and phonology and semantics. Child language acquisition, adult second language acquisition and recent developments in neuroscience and computer science are also introduced.

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