Leadership and Administration

If you’re hoping to advance your career to become an assistant principal or principal, North Central’s Educational Leadership and Administration track is right for you. The department of education has adopted the Interstate School Leaders Licensure consortium (ISLLC) standards to guide its process of developing graduate students in educational leadership and future administrative roles.

Educational Leadership and Administration Handbook  - contains program information, matrix, rubrics, and forms needed during your time in the program.

The Master of Arts in Educational Leadership and Administration requires 12 courses. Along with school leadership and management fundamentals such as staff development, curriculum planning and program evaluation, this program explores pertinent education issues such as assessment, closing achievement gaps, school law and educational change.  It is designed to help school leaders gain new strategies and tools for engaging teachers, support staff, parents and the community at large so that everyone has a stake in a school and the growth and development of its students.

EDN 500 Leadership for the 21st Century
EDN 515 The Institutional and Political Environment of Schools
EDN 522 Issues in Special Education and School Law
EDN 534 Leadership for Supervision and Instruction
EDN 536 School, Home, and Community
EDN 610 School Operations and Management 
EDN 620 Curriculum and Program Assessment
EDN 630 Schools as Learning Communities
EDN 690 The Educational Leadership Internship I (Prerequisite: 15 credit hours)
EDN 691 The Educational Leadership Internship II (Prerequisites: 21 credit hours and EDN 690)
MLS Course Current MLS Course List
EDN 696 The Educational Leader Capstone (Prerequisite: 30 credit hours)

Internship Guidebook Revised 4-10-15
Internship Evidence Chart Revised 4-10-15