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Why pursue a communication studies degree at North Central College?

Communication professionals are successful in hundreds of career paths. Typically, their skills are emphasized in roles like social and digital media, public relations, marketing, advertising, human resources, writing, politics, fundraising, sales and more. Majoring in Communication Studies provides you with the skills to understand how we communicate. This program is designed to provide you with excellent oral and written communication skills.

At North Central College you will learn how to analyze verbal messages in one-on-one and group settings. As an expert communicator, you can persuade, dissuade and interpret flawlessly. With plentiful career opportunities, a Communication Studies major is sure to provide the skills needed to impress any employer.


  • Making speeches and presentations, running meetings and trainings and communicating with people in a variety of professional contexts.
  • Developing persuasive storylines for products and services
  • Producing messaging campaigns and building brand awareness

then a degree in COMMUNICATION STUDIES might be for you.

Why study communication at North Central College?

In the Classroom

Coursework topics:

  • Argumentation and Debate
  • Business and Professional Communication
  • Communication Theory and Research
  • Freedom of Expression
  • Global Media in a Digital Age
  • Group Interaction
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Persuasion Theory
  • Public Relations
  • Public Speaking
  • Rhetoric and Public Discourse

Beyond the Classroom

As a Communication Studies major, you can:

  • Apply for internships and jobs through robust faculty and alumni networks or the Center for Career and Professional Development.
  • Get published in the award-winning Chronicle news magazine and ncclinked.com news website.
  • Go LIVE on the air at the student-run radio station WONC, named the best college radio station in the country in 2015.
  • Study abroad to complement your degree.
  • Conduct research and present your findings at professional conferences or at North Central’s own Rall Symposium for Undergraduate Research.
  • Join PRSSA, the public relations club, which works on real-world client-based projects.
  • Receive individualized coaching with our nationally ranked speech and debate team.
  • Achieve high honors at regional and national speech competitions.
  • Join the National Communication Association’s official honor society Lambda Pi Eta.

More Department information

Communication Studies, B.A.

Communication studies focuses on the intersection of theory and practice in a variety of contexts.  Students are led to understand, to use, and to critique communication as it is presently practiced in society and to develop critical thinking regarding communication strategies and analysis.

For additional programs and courses in this department, see Communication and Media Studies.

Core Courses


Two courses from the following:

Advanced Electives

One course from the following:

Foreign Language

Students must demonstrate elementary competence in a foreign language. For more information, see the B.A. Degree Requirements within the Academic Regulations section of this catalog.

Eight credit hours from the following:

Applied Communication Minor

Applied communication focuses on communication practice in a variety of contexts. Students are led to understand, to use and to critique communication.

For additional programs and courses in this department, see Communication and Media Studies.

A minimum of 20 credit hours, including:

Public Speaking

One of the following:


One of the following:

Structure and Delivery

One of the following:

Intercultural Communication

Advanced Elective

One of the following:

Applied Communication Concentration

Communication skills can enhance any field of study, and this streamlined program allows students of any major the opportunity to further develop those skills.  Students take courses from a tightly focused selection of skills-intensive courses that stress practice, repetition, and self-analysis.  Students will learn to communicate more effectively in a variety of contexts and with diverse audiences.  Upon successful completion of the program, students earn a formal transcript designation to indicate to future employers that they have achieved a level of proficiency in communication.

For additional programs and courses in this department, see Communication and Media Studies.

Students must take three courses from the following:


The Applied Communication Concentration is designated only for students who are not majoring/minoring in one of the communication programs.

Speech Communication Internships and Jobs

A North Central education integrates career preparation with rich academic study. Our faculty encourages you to refine and apply your knowledge in an interconnected world. Here you'll learn to think independently and work globally to solve problems and lead.


Recent graduates in speech communication include:

  • Morning news reporter, Fox News Chicago WFLD TV, Chicago
  • Production assistant, ESPN 1000, Chicago
  • Marketing and promotions intern, Emmis Communications, Chicago
  • Client success coordinator, Eclipse Telecom, Chicago
  • Associate attorney, Law Offices of Todd M. Friedman, Northbrook


Recent graduates in speech communication include:

  • Management consultant
  • Marketing project manager
  • Financial client service associate

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