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Graphic Design

Why choose the graphic design program at North Central College?

Graphic designers plan and execute the design of visual communication according to the needs of audiences and contexts to reinforce brand identity. The program is designed to help you master a broad range of conceptual, formal and technological skills to create effective communication solutions to design problems. At North Central, you will have the opportunity to bring your creative ideas to life. As you cultivate proficiency with essential digital design tools, you will graduate prepared for a wide variety of industries—recent graduates are employed in digital marketing, design services, publishing, advertising, public relations and related service industries.


  • Communicating in visual mediums
  • Working with the latest technology
  • Bringing your creative ideas to life

then a degree in graphic design might be for you.

Why study graphic design at North Central College? 

In the Classroom

Coursework topics: 

  • 2-Dimensional Design
  • 3-Dimensional Design
  • Animation
  • History of Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Methods and Materials
  • Motion Graphics
  • Photography
  • Production and Installation
  • Social Media
  • Research and Development
  • Typography
  • Web Design

Beyond the Classroom 

As a graphic design major, you can: 

  • Utilize a full-scale lab equipped with the cutting-edge, industry-standard hardware and software required for high-intensity graphic creation.
  • Access Mac and PC graphics labs dedicated exclusively to declared graphic design students.
  • Enroll in community engaged, cross-disciplinary and team-taught courses.
  • Gain hands-on experience by working at our student-run Design Agency creating designs for on- and off-campus organizations, while getting valuable client experience.
  • Participate in the Senior Art Show, solo and group exhibits, and juried events in the College’s dedicated exhibit spaces and local art galleries.
  • Network with prominent industry experts.
  • Conduct undergraduate research and present your findings at the College’s Rall Symposium for Undergraduate Research.
  • Apply for competitive talent scholarships in art.
  • Access the University Partner Program offered by the Art Institute of Chicago.
    • North Central students can gain admittance to the AIC free of charge with their North Central Student ID.
    • Experience lectures, educational programs, and other special events.

Graphic Design is the art of visual communication. The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design provides a hands-on approach to design thinking and problem solving through a variety of courses and experiences. Students master a broad range of conceptual, formal and technological skills to create effective visual solutions to communication problems in an array of media including print, web and motion. Projects focus on relationships among the audience, context and content to create results that may interpret, inform, instruct, persuade or entertain. The B.F.A. is a professional program structured to provide in-depth, formal education that prepares students for entry into professional practice or advanced, professionally-oriented study upon graduation. In addition to academic work, B.F.A Graphic Design students complete an internship, community-engaged design studio practicum, and a final public exhibition of a research-based design project or portfolio. Graduates are employed in digital marketing, design services, publishing, advertising, public relations or related industries.

Major Requirements

Additional Requirements for the B.F.A Degree

Students must demonstrate elementary competence in a foreign language. For more information, see the B.F.A Degree Requirements within the Academic Regulations section of this catalog.

Graphic Design, Minor

Graphic design minors plan and execute the design of visual communication according to the needs of audiences and contexts. Students master a range of conceptual, formal and technological skills to create effective visual solutions to communication problems. The minor complements majors such as marketing, journalism, public relations and business.

Minor Requirements

A minimum of 20 credit hours, including:

Required Courses

One of the following:

Graphic Design Elective

One of the following:

Art Elective

One additional course from ARTD.

Graphic Design Internships and Jobs

A North Central education offers bachelor's degree programs that integrate career preparation and experience with rich academic study. Our faculty encourages you to refine and apply your knowledge in an interconnected world. Here you'll learn to think independently and work globally to solve problems and lead as a professional graphic designer. 


Design students have interned at the following organizations:

  • Augusta Label and Printing
  • Chicago Humanities Festival
  • Cobalt Photo
  • DuPage Children’s Museum
  • FELD Entertainment
  • Invesco Powershares
  • Kellogg’s
  • Lillian’s House
  • Foundation Mujer
  • FP Mailing Solutions
  • NCTV17
  • Neary Martin
  • New Home Star
  • Pesola Media Group
  • Phoenix Closures
  • Visa Watcher
  • Weblinx


Graduates are employed with the following companies:

  • American Auto Guardian, Inc.
  • Boombah
  • CB Jennings Elementary School
  • ENGS
  • Follett
  • Kansas State Football
  • Neary Martin
  • New Home Star
  • Optomi
  • Reflection Software
  • RLD Creative
  • The Design Image Group Inc.
  • Dealer Inspire
  • Launch Digital Marketing

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