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Ethical Leadership

Why pursue a degree in ethical leadership at North Central College?

Current political, social and corporate climates speak to a need for ethical leaders. Ethical leaders make decisions rooted in ethical values like fairness, morals, ethics, trust and accountability. By demonstrating appropriate and ethical behavior, leaders show integrity and work towards influencing a narrative that haunts the working world. At North Central College, faculty are committed to preparing students to be curious, engaged, ethical and purposeful citizens and leaders. Through this program, you’ll be prepared for career choices in political science, management, marketing, international business and more. By evaluating complex societal issues and responsible choices, you can lead the way to creating meaningful and positive change.


  • Working with purpose and ethical intention
  • Displaying good and moral values through words and actions
  • Accomplish organizational goals with core company values in mind

then a degree in ETHICAL LEADERSHIP might be for you.

Why study ethical leadership at North Central College?

In the Classroom

Coursework topics:

  • Applied Leadership
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Design Thinking for Social Impact
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Ethnic and Religious Conflict Resolution
  • Leaders Without Borders
  • Leadership and Place
  • Leadership for Changemaking
  • Leadership Theory
  • Social Innovation

Beyond the Classroom

As an ethical leadership major, you can:

  • Apply for internships and jobs through robust faculty and alumni networks or the Center for Career and Professional Development.
  • Join NCC LEAD during your first year. This strengths-based leadership development program has earned awards from NASPA and the Association of Leadership Educators for its innovative programming and practice.
  • Practice leadership through our community-engaged learning courses, internships, and service trips.
  • Apply for our LEV Fellows Program and receive scholarship funding to pursue an LEV Major, Minor, or Concentration.
  • Get involved inside the classroom as a Preceptor and gain valuable, hands-on experience working alongside a professor in delivering a course.
  • Pursue excellence in scholarship, leadership, and service by becoming a member of our Blue Key Honor Society


Ethical Leadership, B.A.

The field of leadership studies represents a distinct academic discipline that readily connects to other fields of inquiry. The current political, social and corporate climates speak to a need for ethical leaders. The Ethical Leadership Major provides a comprehensive overview and systematic approach to the study of leadership and its ethical obligations and implications. Students pair the Ethical Leadership Major with their choice from a selection of preset minors to integrate and apply the theory of leadership to another area of academic interest.

For additional information and courses in this program, see .

Required Courses


One of the following:

Additional Requirements

Complete a minor in one of the following partner departments or programs:

  • Interdisciplinary Programs: Chicago Area Studies; History of Ideas
  • College of Arts & Sciences: History; Religious Studies; Philosophy; Political Science; Environmental Studies
  • School of Entrepreneurship & Business: Management

Students must demonstrate elementary competence in a foreign language. For more information, see the B.A. Degree Requirements within the Academic Regulations section of this catalog.

Ethical Leadership Minor

Current political, social and corporate climates portend the need for ethical leaders. Students pursuing a minor in Ethical Leadership engage with leadership theory and its ethical foundations while continually examining the relevance, application and impact of leadership in today's society.

For additional information and courses in this program, see .

A minimum of 20 credit hours, including:

Required Courses

One of the following:


Four credit hours from the following:

Leadership Concentration

An Ethical Leadership concentration provides students with a meaningful package of leadership content to supplement their existing coursework. This concentration introduces students to leadership theory and its ethical foundations while continually examining the relevance, application and impact of leadership in today's society. Completion of an Ethical Leadership Concentration allows students to obtain a formal transcript designation with fewer courses and requirements than a full academic minor in the context of a challenging, coherent and meaningful LEAD experience involving coursework and co-curricular efforts.

For additional information and courses in this program, see .

Requirements for the concentration come in three areas: coursework, applications and portfolio.

Required Courses

One of the Following:

One of the Following:

One of the Following:

Applied Leadership Experience

One of the following:

  • Service in an North Central College organizational leadership position (e.g., student government, residence life staff, service trip coordinator).

  • Service in an North Central College athletic leadership position (e.g., Team Captain).

  • Completion of LEAD 360 - Precepting, or service in some other approved academic leadership position

  • Completion of LEAD 494 - Capstone: Applied Leadership, a LEAD approved internship experience involving significant leadership components.

  • Completion of a College Scholars Honors Thesis (HONR 400) with significant leadership and/or ethics dimentions.

Note: Students are encouraged to propose additional leadership applications to satisfy this component of the Leadership Concentration to the Director of the Leadership, Ethics and Values Program.

Leadership Readiness Portfolio

The Leadership Readiness Porfolio (electronic or hard-copy) must include all of the following:

  • Evidence of completion of the Applied Leadership Experience.

  • Copies of no fewer than three major written assignments submitted in one of the leadership concentration required courses.

  • A concluding/capstone personal statement reflecting on completion of your college career and of the Strengths Assessment, not to exceed three pages.

  • A complete resume.

  • Completion of all requirements for either a North Central College B.S. or B.A. degree.

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